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Development in every field is undoubtedly taking place in society. This also regards the replacement of the old technologies with the newer ones. All these happenings and introductions are just implemented to ease the life of the people in the society. One such development is the development of the Paracords. More or less, it plays a very mighty role in almost all kinds of industries. The development of these Paracords has eased the life of the people to a large extent. Various paracord projects are used in survival skills and situations too. Thus, it plays quite a significant role in society as well as the industries.

Various projects related to the Paracords are implemented and developed every day due to the durability of these products. This durability mainly comes due to the interwoven structures of the Paracords. These structures make it strong enough to execute any kinds of projects with some kind of ease. That is the reason that the paracord projects are developed in numerous a…

Know the benefits of using these Paracord Galaxy products

Paracord, as we all know it, comes with a lot of endurance and leverage in terms and times of usage. We see it being used in conditions such as mountaineering, camping, making boot strings and shoelaces, repairing torn clothing, making a paracord dog collar, creating fishing lines, and zipper pullers among others. 

Many of us who have realized what it means to have them along whether we are in adventures or staying in our homes. Having paracord wholesale bundles for different processes can change your life in how you make things happen with paracords. Some of them are already existing in the form of paracord accessories which may include skull metal, paracord buckles and spring buckles.

Paracord is said to be the survivor's cord as it helps in getting one across from one point to another in hours of adventures (or misadventures). Paracord is basically a parachute cord as it was first used dominantly in parachutes during WW2 for airborne units and divisions.

Paracords actually fall under type-III paracord category. This gives them another name of 550 cord. One can identify type-III paracord as they have 7-9 core strands, their holding capacity is of 550 lbs, and are best when brought into survival situations. If you are planning to bring your paracord to Amazon rainforest adventures then opting for these cords is a must.

Paracord as said before, has a lot of benefits attached to it. Below we have listed some of those that will help you in knowing other aspects of paracords. You can create amazing paracord projects by knowing how paracord can be best used which we have talked about before.

Light Weight
Paracords are not heavy to carry which means one can easily carry them along in within homes and in outdoor activities.


For those who love having multicolored paracords, this can be appealing. Different colors add better visuals. You can check these Paracord Galaxy new ranges of colored paracords to know more.


Paracords are made in such a way that they are not easily breakable which can be brought into activities where strong cords are needed. Same goes when you want them into your homely needs.


Paracords have a tendency to not lose their core state or physical color when brought into action. This gives them stronger appeal among people who want to add paracords into their essentials.

Different types of paracords have different kinds of strands. This shows how paracords are diverse in providing no or multiple inner strands. Strands are actually important in giving a strong grip and tensile strength.

- Convertible into many forms, styles, patterns, and commodities
Paracord is one type of strong cord which can be molded and converted into different forms and patterns that can suit various interests. You can use it in many ways. Also, there is not one place where you can use these cords.

If you are looking for different types of paracord items then check at Paracord Galaxy where you will come across pure, American made and 100% reliable products. Their company is known for providing best quality, top-class, first-rate paracords along with other hardware shemaghs and boonies. They can be contacted at their retail store or through their official website. They also provide cost-effective and cheap paracords which are never always brought by people from different walks of life.

Below are the two important types of paracords that are counted as bestsellers at Paracord Galaxy products.

Micro cord

Micro cord or micro paracord is one of the thinnest paracords which has almost no inner strands and has a diameter of 1.18mm. If you look into other aspects of what constitutes micro cord, we can see that it is made from one yarn thus no inner yarns are found. It is made from same materials as other paracords are made which is nylon. But, it has a low tensile strength.

Shock Cord

Shock cord is known by various names such as bungee cord, Bungie, octopus strap all of which are used accordingly. It is an elastic cord which comes in different diameters. Their most important usage comes in the hours of securing objects without tying knots. It is also used to absorb shock which explains one of its specs of being electric resistant. Their inner core is made from natural rubber, synthetic rubber, a blend of both or even other materials.

Check Paracord Galaxy for more information on paracords, types of paracords and other items made from paracords. Share this information with your friends and whomsoever who can be benefited by this.


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