Paracord Galaxy - Should You Buy Paracord Wholesale?

Paracord is a very popular accessory these days. Since the time they were introduced to the general public, paracord has been adopted into multiple fields. Further, with the growing prepper culture in the US and many other countries across the world, paracord is witnessing massive demand.

The retail price for any paracord bracelet, charm or belt is significantly higher than if you buy them wholesale. Further, there is never any guarantee that the paracord that has been used is of the standard mil-spec 550 quality.
So, if you are planning to buy paracord and don’t mind making a little effort in weaving it, then wholesale paracord is the best option to go for. Here are some of the most sensible reasons for why you should consider making a wholesale paracord purchase.
The Best Reasons to Buy Paracord Wholesale
1. You Want to Do Paracord Business  Paracord charms and bracelets and even belts are in really high demand right now. Naturally, smart entrepreneurs want to take advantage of the de… - More Paracords than You Can Count

If you are an outdoorsman who likes to go on camping/hunting trips, then you probably already know of paracords. If you don’t then you have to know. Paracords are a best friend to everyone who wants to survive any situation. It is widely used by the military, particularly the air force.

Recently, paracords have become a more common knowledge and many people are beginning to buy paracords for emergency needs. If you are wondering what use a piece of rope can be, then just YouTube ‘paracord uses’ and you will find tens of thousands of videos detailing the countless uses you can put a paracord too.


But what those videos will not tell you is the quality of paracords that is best. At we offer virtually all the high-quality military grade paracords that you can find in the market. Not just that, we also offer them in a myriad of designs and colors ranging from black to all other paracords colors imaginable on the spectrum. But before we move on to style, let us talk substance. What is paracord uses?

What is Paracord?

Paracord is the short form of parachute cord and is used for a variety of purposes otherwise also known as Paracord 550. Paracords are essentially a fix-all utility rope that can be used in a multitude of ways.

As the name suggests, paracords were used extensively by the military and most often by paratroopers on their parachutes.

Thus, the rope is of extremely high quality and boasts of a battle-tested high-grade tensile strength. Paratroopers and US RRDs usually carry bulk paracords pieces to aid them in their missions.

What Are the Most Popular Paracord Uses?

Paracord sizes are many and their use varies according to the length in each set. If you are going out in the wild, then it would be wise to carry at least two sets of paracords with you. Alternatively, you could carry 1 set of paracords and a paracords belt and paracord charms like bracelets. Here are the top 5 uses of paracords:

1.       Slings
When you are out in the wild, it is very possible that a partner in your party has an accident. They might be tracking a deer and might slip on a stone and break one of their arms. Now, what do you do? Can’t leave them there, right? The best thing to do is to untangle your paracords and make them a sling. You will not need a lot of rope. Just enough to give their arm a rest until you get to a medical center.
2.       Stretcher
This is a more severe use of paracords and knowing how to use it in this way can save someone’s life. You can use your paracord 550 bulk paracord set to make them a makeshift stretcher. This will enable you to carry them over to a medical center for further treatment.
One way of using a bulk paracord set would be to outright weave them a stretcher much in the same way as a hammock. If you don’t have the time for such intricacy, then simply make a quick weave of paracords 550 and put a cloth on top for added comfort.

3.       Tripwire Alarm
This is more of a military use of Paracord 550 and does require your paracords sizes to be somewhat large. However, the use is very important. Suppose a soldier is making camp for the night in unfamiliar territory. Naturally, they have to be on their guard, even while they are sleeping.

 Besides the enemy, there might be animals whom the solider would have to be wary of. So, they can use their paracord spool to set up a perimeter around their camp. If someone or something approaches them, they will trip and alert our cautious soldier/hunter.

4.       Rescue Line
This is among the most popular paracords uses with our forces stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes a soldier might fall prey to a blotch of quicksand. In that case, they can make a loop on their paracords and pull themselves out in case there is no one else around. Even if someone is around, they would be putting themselves at risk also if they go directly to help their brother-in-arms. However, with a paracord, they can pull him or her out without endangering themselves. The same principle applies to a swamp situation.

These are only 4 of the countless paracords uses. There is literally no limit to how much utility you can get from a paracord. So, if you are planning an adventure or hunting trip, be sure to pack a paracord spool to be safe. For more innovative uses of paracord 550 as made by in-field military personnel, click here.

What Types of Paracord Are Available at Paracord Galaxy? is your one-stop source for all your paracord needs and paracord uses. We offer a vast range of types of paracords and paracords colors.

Come have a look at our catalog and be amazed by the sheer variety and quality of paracords available to you. Some examples of the paracord grade available at include mil-spec paracord 550, 650 cordless paracords, 425 tactical cord, 275 tactical cord.

We also offer a range of pre-woven paracords products like the highly popular Outdoor Edge para claw, paracord charms, paracords spool along with weaving needle and many other products.
For those who want to make their own paracords charms, we offer a variety of paracords sizes in a staggering array of paracords colors. If you plan to make your own paracords charms, then you must also buy plastic buckles and side release buckles.

Should You Buy a Paracord?
Paracords have an immense number of uses as we have already seen above. Whether you are a soldier or just a civilian hunter on a hunting trip or even a casual camper/prepper, you should definitely buy and keep paracord with you. Also, check out our paracord uses section to know how to use them. Victory loves the preparation and to survive you need to overcome. A quality paracord from will help you do just that.



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