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Bungee line is made of at least one strands of a versatile material, normally elastic, bound together by a textured covering. It is generally utilized as a security for gear or hardware carried outwardly of a vehicle.
Bungee string is first hand, utilized in the military to assimilate the opening stun of the substantial payload parachutes while dropping overwhelming burdens such as tanks. The advancement of long, substantial bungee rope for the military has prompted the recreational game of bungee bouncing. Don’t wait for another year to pass by, just get up and order where you see the bungee cord for sale In this game, the member hops from a hoisted structure while wearing a saddle appended to one end of a long bungee string with the opposite end joined to the structure. For the best part in the knowledge the minding, it is that the expression bungee or Bungie is believed to be British slang for colonized rubber. Now, take it as a reason for seeing the bungee cord for sale. A few r…

Checkout some Paracord products

Check out some Paracord products

Paracord is a strong, thin, lightweight nylon rope, originally, used in the suspension lines. This cord can be used for a general purpose; this versatile cord was used by astronauts in the Space Shuttle mission to fix the Hubble Space Telescope. This braided sheath has a number of interwoven strands. Over the time, it can be used for all kinds of survival, outdoor, home and craft stations.

The military established standards for its production comprised of 7 strands whose breaking strength of 550 pounds. Therefore, the most cord is produced in 7-stand, 550 paracord which is the best selling item.

Use of Paracord

The flexibility of paracord has been valued as an important item for survival kits. Some people learn that they can weave paracord which is useful in daily life for example; paracord survival bracelets, belts, and duct tape.
Some create new things from paracord so that they can gift it but many organizations create it to sell and earn money. Here is a list of some popular Paracord products like;


  • Bracelets
  • Belts
  • Slings
  • Wraps for handles
  • Keychains
  • Bottle carriers
  • Dog Leashes

Types of Paracord

here are so many types, color and sizes of paracord like; 7-strand 550 Type III paracord, 425 Tactical Paracord, 650 Coreless, 275 Tactical Paracord, Micro and Nano Cord. Plastic and metal buckles are common accessories for paracord projects, such as bracelets and belts. Buckles have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. To decorate the paracode creations there are many things available which include styles of beads. So, there is no end to use it.

7-strand 550 Type III paracord was used by the US Military which has a diameter of 4.0 mm. It is in two basic styles one is Nylon sheath and nylon cord while other Polyester sheath and nylon cord. 
650 coreless cords are flat, hollow, and have a sheath. It is made of nylon and very useful. 
425 Tactical Paracord is smaller than 550 and easy to carry. It has a diameter of around 3mm. 
275 Tactical Paracord has a diameter of about 2.38 mm, smaller than 550 paracord and can be helpful for small items.
Type 1 Paracord has diameter other than Micro Cord but it is smaller than 275 Tactical Paracord, approximately 1.85 mm. 

Micro and Nano Cord are 1.18 mm and 0.75 mm respectively. 

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